The World of Karyle

original fantasy rpg


Hello, there! Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the World of Karyle, a world rocked by war and hate. We are an original fantasy RPG with a vast world for you to explore. We are rated PG-16, so please no one under sixteen on this site. Before you register, we would like to ask you to read the rules, the plot and the list of canon characters. You will need to register with your character name - both first and last, please, in proper capitalization. You will also need to apply for your character before you may begin roleplaying. Once you apply and are approved, you may begin your roleplay experience in the World of Karyle!

Why join us?

Karyle is an original, medieval fantasy RPG set in a vast world soon to rocked by war. We have five kingdoms, each with their own set of monarchs and nobilities! There are five world religions for you to choose to be, or not to be! You can be a human, vampire, witch/warlock, or an elf. Our site has a unique set-up with tons of information at your disposal!

Our plot is character driven, with only a few events predetermined by the staff to help swing the plot into action. Why don't you come and make your mark in the World of Karyle?