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Rules & FAQ

Please find the official rules list of The Most Happy below. Check back often to see if the rules have been updated and always note that the staff reserves the right to make changes to the rules with little to no notice.
Rules last updated:  March 16, 2013

Before posting your question in the Questions? Comments? Concerns? forum, please take a moment to browse through the frequently asked questions to see if your question has already been answered. Questions will be added as they are asked, or as deemed necessary.
FAQ last updated:  March 16, 2013


  1. Register with your character name.

    Please register with the first and last name of your character, in proper capitalization. If you are applying for a canon character with certain names unknown, you may make up the missing names. You must wait a period of at least three weeks and have reached a total of ten posts before creating another character.

    If you are adopting a character, you will not need to register.

  2. Please read all the rules and information before you make a post.

    It seems a bit redundant that this be made a rule, but we have seen instances where people apparently do not think to do this. It is imperative that you read all information regarding this site before you make a post.

  3. You are to be respectful on this site.

    This is intended to be a site where a fanbase of fantasy and supernatural roleplaying can gather and partake in a common hobby. It is expected that all members be respectful of other members, whether it be in the forums, Private Messaging system, or the chatbox.

  4. Our site is rated PG-16. Keep it that way.

    As stated above, this is a PG-16 site and, therefore, no content - including, but not limited to, the forums, the Private Messaging system, and that chatbox - may exceed that rating. Graphics must not have any pornographic images of any kind. If you feel that a thread may exceed the rating, then fade to black. This will be a strictly enforced rule, and anyone caught disregarding it will be dealt with in a manner agreed upon by the staff.

    Quite obviously, you must be 16 to roleplay here.

  5. Notify a staff member of any misconduct.

    If you see anything that you feel disregards the rules, please report it in the Report Misconduct forum of the site. The issue will be taken care of as soon as the staff is able.

    Please do not attempt to handle the matter on your own, as it is possible the staff may mistake your good intentions.

  6. You must fill out an application before you can roleplay.

    If an application is not at least started in the Works in Progress forum within two weeks of account creation, the account will be deleted. Once the application is posted, you may have as much time necessary to finish your application - within reason, and so long as you continue to work on it. If, for some reason, you cannot post during the allotted two weeks, PM an administrator and they will see if there is any way we can make an exception.

    If you are requested to make changes to your application, please reply to the topic once you have done so!

  7. Please try to keep posts at least one paragraph in length?

    While there is no official word count required for this site, we would love to see all of the in-character roleplay posts to be a minimum of one paragraph; this way, we can gain more insight to the character, their thoughts, and their actions.

    Additionally, we'd like to ask that all in-character posts be written in the third-person, past-tense. Please, also use the Out of Character code for any OOC comments required to be posted with an in-character post. If you are confused, please check the Frequently Asked Questions thread, question number six.

  8. Make the illusion of a timeline for 'liquid-time' roleplays.

    Liquid-time roleplays are allowed; however, the threads must be in some form of sequential order. For example, if Person A is in a roleplay with Person B but then joins a roleplay with Person C, they must give some form of indication in either roleplay specifying which came first in the initial timeline of the site.

  9. Do not stretch the boards.

    Any signature images should be no large than 450 X 250. Avatar images should not exceed the dimensions of 150 X 188. (width X height)

  10. Stay active.

    Again, it is a bit redundant that we make this a rule but the staff has put a lot of time and effort into to this site and we would hate to see it flounder.  Please try to make at least one post a week and remember to respond to all activity checks.

  11. Place date and time stamps at the start of each thread.

    To help with the sequencing of threads on our site, we'd like to ask that you put a date and time stamp at the start of each thread. Time may be generic, stating simply that it is morning or afternoon. The date must be exact such as 1300 Shidel 4.

    We are current in the month of Shidel in year 1300.

  12. Have fun!

    As stated above, this is intended to be a site where a fanbase of original fantasy and the supernatural can gather and partake in a common hobby. The main goal of this site is to have fun in a community setting, and as long as you are having fun, I'm sure things will be great.

    Just don't forget the other rules of the site!  ;)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. During what time period does this roleplay take place?

    Because we an original site in an original setting, we do not have a set time period.  However, we like to imagine our social organisation and customs to be similar to that of the Tudor period in England.

  2. Can I have a pregnant character?

    Yes, you can. If you wish your character to become pregnant, reply to the With Child? topic. A staff member will then roll a die and if the number is even (2, 4, 6), your character is pregnant; if the number is odd (1, 3, 5), your character is not.

    If you character is not pregnant, you can try again in a fortnight's time.

    If your character is indeed pregnant, you are given a three month gestation period. At the end of the three months, the die will be rolled again. If the number is even, you have a baby girl; if the number is odd, you have a baby boy.

    You cannot, however, apply for a pregnant character.

    We do things this way so that not every female character we have is pregnant at the same time, and we let the die choose the gender because if we did not, everyone would have their characters give birth to boys. You do not choose the gender of your child in real life, and we feel that it would keep the plot interesting if you did not get to choose here either.

  3. I registered with the wrong account name. Can this be fixed?

    Yes, it can! Just Private Message any staff member and they can easily fix it for you. Account name changes are only offered in cases such as this, do not abuse this ability.

  4. Do you do activity checks?

    We do not do "traditional" activity checks. There will not be a thread for you to post in to keep your character, or to say you are active. It's all too easy for someone to say they are active, then disappear two days after the check.

    The staff will keep track of who meets with this policy and who doesn't, and will do checks at the appropriate times. Anyone who doesn't meet with this policy will be placed in the inactive category, private messaged, and emailed. Inactive members will be given tend days to respond to one of these messages; if they fail to do so, their content will be archived and their account deleted.

    The activity policy is as follows: Original characters will be expected to make a minimum of two in-character posts every three weeks. Canons and staff members will be expected to make a minimum of two posts every week. If any member should have conflict, they need only message me, or any staff member, and we will work something out and I'll make a note of it.

    I would like to mention that one in-character post will not get you marked inactive, but we really prefer you to make two or more.

  5. I'm a guest; can I still adopt a character?

    Yes, you can! All you will have to do is reply to the adoption topic for the character you'd like with the form needed and include your email. This way, we can set up the preexisting account for you! You will not need to create a new account to adopt a character.

  6. What is the Out of Character (ooc) code for?

    The out of character code is for any out of character comments you feel you must make during a roleplay thread. You can find the code for it below:

    [ooc]Your out of character comment would go here.[/ooc]

  7. Can I create a half-vampire, half-witch, or half-elf character?

    No. As stated in the Characters forum, Mixed Breed characters are for canons - and we have only one canon that is Mixed Breed - and per request only. You may Private Message a staff member, but you will most likely be declined unless we have enough other characters to supplement a Mixed Breed.

  8. The forums will not load. Has something happened?

    If the forums will not load, the invisionfree server that they are hosted on has most likely gone down temporarily. If you think this has happened, click here. It will show you the status of our server. If it says the server is offline, you will have to wait until it is back up to log on.

  9. I'm confused by the titles! Help?!

    Titles - real life and especially fantastical - can be very confusing to understand;  that's why we've provided our members with a page to break down the order of and appropriate ways to refer to those characters with specific titles.  Additionally, we've also included a break down of every title in a given country on the country's page.

    Many of our members still remain confused by what a title actually is and how it relates to a character's name, however.  So, to help, let me provide you with this example:

    Basically, there is a city called Whymcourt and in that city there is someone by the name of Thomas Whitley (I'm just making up a name for an example). Well, Thomas Whitley has the title of Baron Whymcourt - which is kind of like the Mayor.

    He would be referred to as: Lord Thomas Whitley, the Baron Whymcourt.

    Titles, most of them, are made up of the names of places;  titles aren't actually part of people's names - they're more like additions. It should also be noted that those who possess royal titles do not actually use their surname; we've merely included it to help with the ease of things.

  10. Why am I unable to edit my member title?

    Member titles, I have decided, will be used to boast any titles your characters may have.  It is also my - hopefully - tactful way of showing members how each character would have been formally addressed - a way to lessen confusion, I suppose.

    Don't worry about adding in your own title, I'll take care of that for you.  If you feel that I may have missed yours, please respond to this thread with the form provided.


  11. I want to create a pirate. Which application should I use?

    When applying for a pirate, you would use the Gentry application. Please feel free to list what nationality your character has and assert your character's denial of official citizenship.

  12. Do I have to use a playby?

    No, not if you don't want to. All we ask, is that if you claim a playby for your character, you put the playby to use--avatar images or signature images, etc.

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