The World of Karyle

original fantasy rpg

We are currently in Chapter One of our plot.

0ur current time frame is:  1300 Shidel.

(Please note that, in Karyle, dates list the year first, then the month, and finally the numerical date.) 

Prologue:  A History of Karyle

In the beginning, there were only two kingdoms:  Tenan and Corlana.

Ruling in northern Tenan were the vampires, a race doomed to only grace their Court with their presence during the evening hours.  Inhabiting the South, were the elves, who were not part of the vampire country but were not apart of their own either.  The elves lived in seperate villages, each village possessing a High Priest or Priestess who made the important decisions.

Corlana was inhabited and ruled humans and witches and also had a colony on the small island of Moreen.  Due to the large amount of space, it was difficult for the ruling family to maintain loyalty in all of their citizens and, therefore, tensions often ran high.

Tenan was very much aware of this fact and, having craved the land that Corlana possess since the inception of both kingdoms, took full advantage of the growing issues in Corlana.  They seized every opportunity to place vampires in eastern Corlana, hoping to find loyal members to their cause and to start a rebellion against the royal family, gaining the lands for their own benefit.

Their plan did not go as hoped, however.

Tenan succeeded in creating more turmoil amonst the eastern citizens of Corlana, but intead of siding with Tenan, the eastern citizens had a revolution and created their own country.  And so, Wyvrin was born.

Seeing how well Wyvrin had done in creating their own kingdom, Corlana's colony on Moreen followed suit.  Still shaken from the small war between themselves and Wyvrin, Corlana granted the colony its independence.  And so, Moreen was born.

A century or so passed and some citizens of Wyvrin disagreed with the ruling family and the presence of vampires and seeked to created their own country on the unclaimed territory on Tenan.  Fleeing prosecution, they sailed across the Amur Sea and found a race of elves waiting for them on the other side.

 They met together in peace and soon created their own kingdom together.  The elves allowed the humans to do so because they needed protection, protection they couldn't provide themselves, in light of all of the wars and seperations happening in Karyle.  They foresaw that it was only going to get worse, they said.  And so, Finriel was born.

Chapter One:  The Billowing War

For the last century, a cold war has been unfolding on Corlana.  It is no secret that Wyvrin and Goentar have long since been at odds wtih one another - or, at least, since the birth of the former country, but all of Karyle hoped that tension between them would ease with time.

No such thing has occured.

Time has only served to increase the tensions billowing, and now the citizens of both countries find themselves trapped in the middle of a cold war with no hope of improvement.  War is inevitable, but neither country wants to go down in history as the one who started what is sure to be the most devasting war Karyle has ever seen.

As varied as the general consensus of the war are the agreed upon reasons and causes for the tension.  Goentar views many of Wyvrin's decisions negatively.  They disapprove of farming humans in Wyvrin to provide Desperatorn's vampires with fresh blood.  If war does indeed break out, Goentar has vowed to act as liberators of those poor souls and to bring them to safe haven in Goentar, where they can start anew.

Goentar is also unneasy about the presence of vampric blood in the royal family of Wyvrin.  It is no secret that the Queen is the true leader of the country, using her abilities to persuade the King to her opinion.  The citizens of Goentar have never approved of vampires and are certainly leery of one ruling a neighboring country.

In Wyvrin's mind, Goentar occupies more land than should be allowed.  The lands between the two countries were sacrificed and give up by both Goentar and Wyvrin by way of a peace treaty after the Great Rebellion that bore Wyvrin into existence.  Wyvrin now claims that Goentar possesses more land than they had all those years ago, insinuating the Goentar has now spread into the middle region and is taking lands that do not belong to them.  Wyvrin is now an overly populated country, suffering from many debts - debts undoubtably caused by the Queen's incesstant spending on "pretty things" - and many citizens go without food.  Goentar, due to its trade business, is blossoming and therefore controls more strategic resources than its neighbor on Corlana.  Wyvrin's populace needs food and they can get it in one of two ways:  by gaining leverage politically, or by taking the lands by force.

The green fields of Corlana, and perhaps all of Karyle, will soon be tainted red.  Which side will you choose?