The World of Karyle

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Basic Make Up

There are twelve months in the Karylian year and each month has twenty-five days;  as such, there is a total of 300 days a year.  There are four seasons each year, and each season lasts three months.  Each season, there is a major holiday celebrated throughout the world.  These holidays are celebrated to represent the Karylians' interpretation of that season.

A Karylian week lasts five days, and the Lunar month is equal to that of Karylian month.

When writing the date out, the people of Karyle format it as thus: the year, the month, and then the date. For example: 1300 Shidel 4 

The Karylian Year

Below you will find a list of the twelve months in Karyle and their corresponding seasons.  They are listed in sequence of their progression from the new year to the end of the year.

  1. Etheos - spring
  2. Minarta - spring
  3. Thene - spring
  4. Jaom - summer
  5. Shidel - summer
  6. Hoen - summer
  7. Kinat - autumn
  8. Cyroth - autumn
  9. Lerit - autumn
  10. Whyen - winter
  11. Kelys - winter
  12. Issas - winter

The Karylian Holidays

  1. Ormosis - celebrated the first week of Etheos, Ormosis is the Karyle new years and celebrates the rebirth of the planet after winter.
  2. Thivir - celebrated the first week of Jaom, Thivir celebrates fertility and love.  It is often said that most babies are conceived during this time.
  3. Agona - celebrated the first week Kinat, Agona celebrates that changing seasons from summer to autumn and is often paralleled to the changing seasons of one's life - from childhood to adulthood.
  4. Eulene - celebrated the first week of Whyen, Eulene commemorates death and the promise of a new beginning.